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The POSSE (Point Of Sale Security Examiner) is a patented, state of the art device used to assist in identifying security features incorporated in currency, checks, money orders, credit cards, and identification cards in five seconds or less.

The user friendly features of The POSSE are designed to provide easy, efficient, and effective operation at the exact moment you need to know.....
Is it real, or is it counterfeit?

System Features

  1. Enclosure - metal cabinet containing all operational elements of the system:
  2. Top Lens - (2x) main viewing lens
  3. Viewing Platform - surface on which article to be inspected is placed
  4. Adjustable Bottom Lens - (8x) magnifying lens
  5. AC Power Cord - detachable 3-prong AC cord
  6. Fluorescent Black Light - highlights fluorescence
  7. LED Top Lights - provides illumination directly onto top surface of article to be examined
  8. LED Back Light - provides illumination directly beneath article to be examined